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SoundGate 3

SoundGate gives you the freedom to listen with your hearing aids to a number of wired and wireless audio sources. For example, it works as an interface between your hearing aids and Bluetooth® enabled mobile phones.

Bernafon Soundgate 3 remote control

TV Adapter

For clear and sharp listening to the TV, let the sound come directly from your TV to your hearing aids by using SoundGate with Bernafon’s TV Adapter 2.

Bernafon TV adapter

Phone Adapter

Enjoy wireless, hands-free landline calls and greater talk-time at home or at work with your SoundGate and Phone Adapter 2.

SoundGate Mic

Use this discreet microphone for one-to-one communication in very noisy environments and understand speech more easily with less effort.

bernafon soundgate mic

SoundGate App

The SoundGate App goes beyond the usual controls of a hearing aid. Use the app on your mobile phone together with the SoundGate to switch programs, turn the volume up or down, and connect to multiple devices.

bernafon soundgate app

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